Hardcore Gym Naples is a lifelong dream of Joe Hernandez. When Joe first started working at the facility in the mornings, he brought a new life to the gym even though he was not the owner. Soon, the conversation turned into actions and the stage was set! Joe, a military veteran and combat trainer has the experience, know how and moxy to make a gym thrive in any environment.


And motivate he does! From the high school athlete to the seasoned power lifter and even the housewife who just wants to keep active, Joe can help plan, motivate and put together a program that produces results.


And with the gym's new overhaul, you can certainly thank Susie for that! A fresh coat of paint ... fresh towels daily, graphics to motivate you, energy drinks, power drinks, Hardcore Gym wear ... and more great things coming daily, Susie's personal touch make Hardcore Gym a joy to come visit and workout daily.